Saturday, March 1, 2008

love affair.......

Its been a wonderful couple of days!

Last night i had the privilege to get to see emery and as cities burn perform. They were both absolutely amazing. I also interviewed josh from emery before the show, which should be up for podcast in the next few weeks so keep checking for that. I spent the night at Ry's house last night and woke up to pancakes this morning, which was awesome.

Today i hung out with my family for the first time in what felt like a eternity. Which is always good. Tonight i went and saw Natalie perform country songs. I kept thinking how weird how i was at a heavy rock show one night and country the next, typical my life though.

Anyway, i closed my night by driving out to this beautiful spot a few miles from my house by the lake. The stars were out tonight and it felt like it had been forever since i got the chance to lay back and marvel at God's beautiful creation. I love the stars they remind how small i am, and how big God is. As i layed there on the hood of my car I thought back to what i had read today in Searching for God knows what. It's a excellent book but Donald Miller showed how in the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare explains the love of Christ with us. Crazy i know, bit it's true, it's so obvious when you compare it though.

The basic idea is we cannot restore ourselves and we have to let go of everything we desire to be restored to basically workable condition. I realized very quickly as i read this that I had always had the picture of salvation and the biblical story completely wrong. What the bible is, is a love story between God and his people. Here's the biggest thing that shocked me, God was once with us in Eden, but then we screwed that up but He missed us enough to come back for us. I can't even wrap my head around that HE MISSED US!!!!!!! Let me put this into perspective for you say you are working on something your entire life and you finish it. Its beautiful and the perfect picture of what you wanted. Then your very best friend who has encouraged you through this whole process of building this thing comes along and destroys it, it gone never to return again. You are so saddened that you curse them and throw them out of your life. Then almost immediately you start to miss them so what you do is give your son the thing you love more than anything else to die so your friend can be reunited with you. because you love him that much.

It makes me almost cry just thinking about it. I don't understand why He would ever want to have any of us around to be honest. I don't think I'll understand the why of the act, until i get to sit at His feet and listen to Him tell me why. But while I'm waiting i will accept His gift.

Love is amazing to me, at every level the way we show love, it fascinates me and excites me because i believe it is a cure. A cure for every wound, broken heart, pain, and disease we carry here on earth. If you say to me someone has terminal cancer, I'll tell you they should get a heavy dose of love because love is Gods cure for anything and what His kingdom is built on in this world and in the new one.

So as i layed there all alone with God, staring at the stars I simply said quietly "I accept".

Go cure someone.
Love You.

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