Sunday, August 8, 2010

Just enjoy the ride...........

I'm learning to just enjoy the people in my life. Just relax and enjoy the wonderful gifts God has given me. I get myself so stressed over the dumbest things its unbelievable. So I think God is teaching me to calm myself down in this life and just take it easy. One day at a time and love every second of it. It's tough relenting control of the things I want to cling so tightly too but I'm learning that its better to just accept we have no control in general. God is awesome in the fact that He knows whats best for us always. I'm thankful for that for sure. Anyway that's my current place. Prayers are always welcome in my life, especially as I start to close the final chapter on my college life.

Peace and Love.

Monday, August 2, 2010

scared to death.........

Is it normal to be excited and terrified of something at the sometime. God has been a-mazing to me in so many ways my entire life so why should I even be surprised that he's brought something else awesome in my life. I'm still figuring out the whole thing its like this weird mixture of excitement, fear of the unknown and thankfulness that for the first time in my life I think just maybe their is someone in my life that I'm happy to bring along for the ride. It scares me to death because its an area of my life that I'm completely unfamiliar with. Its just different for me trying to navigate the heart of someone and even more importantly trying to do it in a way that Jesus would prefer. It takes a lot of prayer and a lot of little signs from God that help me figure out how to just be a better person and also a unselfish person in this thing. Its just so very strange, I like it, but it is just so strange. Anyway I'm really leaning heavily on God through the whole process. Baby steps, for sure.

Much Love.