Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How do we fight this....

I went to a acting on aids forum tonight. It gave me a lot more insight on the massive epidemic aids has become. Africa has been utterly destroyed by this virus and it makes my heart break to see these peoples lives destroyed by one virus. One thing that was said tonight was that the Bible is very clear that the world is going to become worse as we draw closer to the end times. So should we just give up and let the world go to the crap and let millions descend into hell. Absolutely not! God wants us to do everything possible in our power to help the people we can. The world is broken but we can mend its wounds and help people as much as possible. I feel that our lives if just pushed a bit further would be able to do so much more than we are now. I think hope is always a light shining in the dark from heaven.

I received a letter from one of my dear friends today and she asked a lot of questions i thought were interesting. she asked about marriage and if we had to choose between goals and marriage what would you chose. I think when choosing between Love and Love its hard for me I think that i would pursue what God wanted for me, which she did point out as a solution. I find relationships to have great value in life and marriage to have a place but i think if a marriage is right then you will still be able to purse both your dreams together with God in the center. I guess i haven't really given much thought to marriage in my life because it feels so far off in the distance. I can't really see myself getting married at this point in my life. Maybe someday but not now, honestly i don't think I'm even ready for a relationship because i need to be stronger in my walk with the Lord. Yea, so that's it.

Peace, peoples. Love ya. keep the Hope alive.

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