Wednesday, March 19, 2008

foot washing......

My hall here at Cedarville(basically the people i live near) had a hall meeting last night. My R.A. who I have tremendous respect for read aloud the Easter story and as he ended he said "one thing that Jesus did at that last supper was wash his disciples feet. I'm not going to think of myself worthy enough to wash all your feet tonight but we are all one by one going to wash each other feet".

My first reaction was the natural one "that's gross" but as we He started by washing the first persons feet. I started to see the beauty and power of this image of a man bowing down to another man to wash his feet. Then i saw Jesus doing this at the last supper and my eyes started to water a bit. I then proceeded to wash a friend of mines feet, it was so humbling and wonderful to feel the way Jesus must of felt, as he was wiping clean his disciples feet knowing he would do the ultimate cleaning by laying his own life down soon.

I then climbed into the chair to have my feet cleaned and as a friend of mine started to clean them I lost it a bit emotionally. I saw Jesus before me, washing me clean and giving Himself up so I could be forgiven, so I could some how join Him one day, so i could have a relationship with Him that wasn't superficial but honest and real.

I was shaking by the end of the night and there wasn't one person that wasn't touched in the room i believe. God was so close that night, He was there telling me "see what I'm willing to do for you, see how much I love you". I couldn't help but say "i love you" right back.

I'm taking this Easter season so much more serious this year. Actually serious really isn't the right word, it's more real and not just a story anymore, it's why I'm alive. Praise Him.

Love you all, I'd gladly wash any of your feet.

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