Friday, March 7, 2008

A picture of love.....

So i just finished one of my favorite movies Blood Diamond for the second time. I love that film it's truly a masterpiece of a film, see it if you never have. Anyway there is this moment in the film when Solomon finds his son again and his son does not remember him so he is pointing a gun at him. Solomons son has been kidnapped by rebels and been basically brainwashed into these terrible things he has killed many Innocent people and done many evil things. Solomon however is every bit as receipting of him as he says "Dea, you are my son and i am your father and I love you. Its time for you to come home and be my son again."

As i sat there watching this i realized how beautiful of a picture it painted of our relationship with Christ. When I think about my life with Christ, all i ever see is me broken, dirty, and like I've prostituted myself against Him. There is this line in a As Cities Burn song that says

"when I make it to heaven/i may be as bloody as hell/will you still take me?"

I've always think about that line when i think about heaven or the sin in my life. I have no doubt of my salvation but sometimes i really do question how it can be so easy. I know it is that easy though but i think that's a part of the beauty of God. He didn't make us have to do a million good things he just made it into a friendship. A friendship that is the greatest bond we have.

Another thing Blood Diamond always does to me is make my feelings stronger for in the words Maddy from the movie "I give a s---". I guess i really do just want this world to be a better place and I believe in order for that to happen we need to be grounded by the principles laid down by Jesus.

We paint these streets red
and sleep well in our beds
and we open our eyes
to the things that we have
sometimes i ask myself
is it worth the lives it cost
just to keep me happy
and to still not be happy

Brother, are you still alive
are you still limping on
despite my will to act
Brother, are you still dying
while I'm still lying
inside this bed of comfort

Children on the ground
their bodies are stretched out
mother by their side
weeping at the sound
of their last breath
and I'm still breathing
do i deserve to be breathing

Brother, are you still silent
will the world notice
your freshly dug grave
Brother, are you still crying
screaming for some savior
that never came to be

Father, are you still waiting
for this world to love you
for this place to change
Father, are you still seeing
all the hate we have
for the our own blood

and sometimes i question
if we can't love each other
than how can we love You

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