Sunday, December 30, 2007

nothing good......

I was reading recently in Romans 8 about how there is absolutely nothing good about us as humans. Depressing right, but really its not because we have Gods amazing grace to compensate for the fact that we basically suck. haha. But for real that's amazing to me because its like even though we really have no reason to be loved we are.

Also a good friend of mine Emily said something that really stuck out to me tonight. She talked about Mary and how the very son she bore from birth died for her own sins to be cleansed. Profound is the word to describe this simple look at something we've read about a million times. My God, you are so good to us and why you love us I'll never know but i love you for it and I'll die for it, someday.

I'm really trying to wrap myself around what God wants from me right now. this break has been very enlightening and i really don't think I'll ever be the same for it. Pray for me as i enter into this time of my life it's scary but it feels right. All praise be to Him.

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