Tuesday, December 25, 2007

top 5 albums of 2007

so here it is my favorites of 2007. it was a pretty awesome year for music and there were a lot of surprisingly good albums as well.

1. As Cities Burn-"come now sleep"
This is the second release from this band and it is a complete change up from there first more hardcore release. It is honestly one of the few albums that almost put me in tears every time i listen to it. it has such a passionate nod towards God and his love but explores the "greyness" of the world as well. everything is perfect on this album and it performs well live as well. get it and listen here.

2.The Red Racer-"ep"
This ep was recorded in a few days and is an extremely rough mix but the talent of these boys shine through. This was unfortunately the last release from these boys but was a beautiful look at their music and how they've progressed from their full length "no one can hurt you". the best local band of all time hands down and one of the best live shows flat out. listen here.

3. Anberlin-"cities"
anberlin always had potential to be great, but this album they really showed what they could do. just a wonderful rock album that makes you think, move, and have a tremendous respect for what they were able to pull off. tremendous stuff, check it.

4.The Classic Crime-"Seattle sessions"
I hated the classic crime before this cd. But there is something about the way they pull off this acoustic ep that really makes it special. it is really about missing home and realizing the mundanes of ones life. Its good completely through and is good chill music. good stuff.

5. Thrice-the alchemy index: vol 1 & 2(fire & water)
I've never been a fan of thrices' stuff but was intrigued by them doing four separate ep's based on the four elements. I didn't really think they could pull it off but they proved me wrong. Fire is a heavy disk that manages to be hardcore while singing about fire without being cheesy. Water however is the main highlight of the two eps its a beautiful as it transitions form touching song to touching song. listen

Honorable mentions:

The Wedding-"polarity"

Far-less-"a toast to bad taste"

Oh, Sleeper-"when i am god"


check those out hope everyone had good Christmas. I'll catch you on the flip side.

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