Sunday, December 16, 2007

just a quick little blurb.......

you know sometimes i hit moments in my life that i just look up to heaven and say why do you bless me so much. This is one of those moments in my life. When i really think about it look at what i have everything i could i ever want a loving family, friends that i would die beside, and the life i always wanted and so much more. God has blessed me with a job this Christmas season which came out of nowhere and has helped me so much. I've had the chance to hang out with some old friends recently as well, and its been nice to see everyone and get to see how we have all truly grown up but not to much. Christmas is a great time of the year to celebrate the birth of our lord and to get to share the love that he gives us each and every day. I can't wait for this week and i have no idea why. It's nice to have a since of wonder in life again haha.

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