Thursday, December 27, 2007

an old song.....

Darcy wanted to read this so its very old but its not incredibly terrible i suppose.


the mornings breathing/a second chance/into the lungs/of the west coast/and i am weary/from the travels/in my head

I'm leaving/and receiving/my bread for the day/I'm pacing/and retracing/every step of the way/and I'm dying to see myself pull through

the west coast dream/died when i took a trip out there/and tried to figure myself out/there were sunsets/watching the pacific/and when you closed your eyes/you could see yourself there

I'm trading/whats worth trading/i never forsook myself, till now/and I'm ready to be/on my own,without you

thoughts like this/can't fit in a 3x5

but if you wanna get the picture/imagine me without you/

and is this home/is this just home away from home/and are you home/i remember you were never home/always had to keep on moving/because you were afraid of losing/to much of yourself/won't you lose your self just this once


darcinator said...

that was amazingly cool chris, i can't believe you wrote those words! indeed the west coast is not at all what it seems. :)

Anonymous said...

... chrispy chrispy chrispy, I'm glad i found this on your facebook...