Wednesday, December 5, 2007

funny how things come around........

Over Thanksgiving break i had the chance to hang out with alot of my friends from high school, it was a good time to see everyone again. One friend that i had particularly been praying for got into a conversation with me that i just felt needed to be shared.

He was messing around and being his goofy self all night but in the few seconds he did get real, he talked about how out of everything he regrets in his life the biggest thing is the giving up of his virginity. We always hear it from so many people but to hear it from him was like a slap in the face from God saying "see i told you so". I think that we hear it all the time you know save yourself for marriage, in health class or what not. But the truth is non of us believe it, that's why we do the things we do. But to have someone i know and understand and have them say that it destroyed so much of their relationships, was humbling and struck a chord that i cant even begin to describe. IT'S REAL PEOPLE, this truth that sex is a bond that ties two people together eternally. If you didn't believe God believe a person like my friend, who did it and then got hurt by it. Hes not a christian by the way.

They biggest thing it said to me is, why in the world do i envy these people, when they envy my lifestyle. Were such a confused culture, and it seems more and more things just point at God as being the only way too happiness. It frankly pisses me off that so many people put themselves through this crap just too be disappointed and then they can't take it back.

There's an open wound in this world and i fell like i should put my hands against it to stop the bleeding. Yet I feel so small in the great mess of things. I always feel more and more drawn to this word: LOVE. It mystifies yet defines what i want to represent. Don't get me wrong I'm a bloody mess just like the rest of the world i just want to somehow just maybe make a difference in someones life and show them that there is always HOPE in everything that they do and that ultimately that hope is our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Hope everyone is enjoying the snow. Pray for me as i enter exam week. Christmas is almost here and for the first time i feel like i really understand it.

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