Sunday, December 9, 2007

so its exam week......

two days of suckiness but hey at least its only two days. also Oh, Sleeper is a really sweet metal band that everyone should listen to. There new album When I Am God is really amazing and should be considered in your holiday purchases. but if you buy one album from last year for Christmas make it "Come Now Sleep" by As Cities Burn. its the best album of last year by far.

I was thinking of new years resolutions the other day. i hate the things personally but i always feel obligated to try at least you know. came up with a short list(in a oh so not but semi particular order)

-put God first were he should be
-get rid of my last great sin
-read my bible every single day no excuses
-read "blue like jazz" by Donald miller
-read some C.S. Lewis book
-Love people more
-Be more positive about everything
-Treat people with more respect
-Pray harder
-Never leave with out telling a family member i love them
-write some songs and develop them into something worthwhile
-not vote on election day because the candidates don't strike my fancy

Yea that's about all i got kinda a long list. i think i can do it, though. Anyway I'm going to go study the Word of God and go to bed. Much peace and love. Hope all is well with whoever comes across this thing.

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