Monday, December 17, 2007

reversing roles.....

noticing myspace copies facebook and facebook copies myspace. Dang you social networks but here's the real question which one is the lesser of two evils.

OK deep thought for the day....well semi deep. Driving home from Columbus today i kind of noticed how many exits have Walmarts and was thinking about how its such a reflection of our fear of change. To have the same restaurant, store, you fill in the blank in every city seems suddenly boring to me. I don't know i guess i need change to keep me interested. The older i get the more i want to travel see Gods creation, the older i get the less i want to be alone, the older i get the more i want to fall in love with everything beautiful in this world. thinking about going to Hawaii this summer with a friend. anyway think i might add some new song lyrics soon, really excited about this new stuff im working on its the most honest stuff i think i have ever wrote. Anyway i'm going to go to bed because im so very tired.

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