Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Its been a bit......

I've had no computer access for a while but I'm back.

Some thoughts for the day. I'm reading blue like jazz right now, its wonderful and I'm only through the first chapter. Today i was reading how much we put ourselves as number one. the thing is recently I've been feeling very selfish about just my life style in general. here's the thing i have nothing to complain about. observe great family, great friends, great school, great church, and a God that loves me beyond my understanding. I just want to be more selfless this year and give people a chance to be the amazing people they are. I want to look and see others in a picture and ignore that I'm even in it. It's so hard to do but i am practicing humility.

The weirdest thing about my life right now is that i would never have been saying these things a year ago. God has truly changed something in me i can't explain. He's placed people in my life that i absolutely love to death and is teaching me to let go of some of those people as well. Even though i really, really don't want to.

more to come! I'm clinging to God with my life.

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