Sunday, January 27, 2008

driving home today.....

from church i was listening to some Anberlin and I had one of those awesome moments with God. That's what i like to call it anyway, it was one of those moments that I feel God next to me genuinely walking every step of the way, almost giving me a glimpse of what He sees in the world. I'm not saying God isn't always there because He is it's just this was one of those moments of me actually consciously acknowledging His presence. Weird that it would occur as i was making my way out of a Walmart. I just started looking at people and saw the pain in their eyes. Then i got outside and the sun was shining bright in my eyes, the one God had allowed to rise that morning. I was taking back in awe of Gods creation and then the lives He plants inside it. I read once that we have two choices when looking at the vastness of Gods creation, we can either fear it go through our lives scared of the complexity and enormous size of creation, or we can stand in awe of what God was and is able to do with all His creation. I thought that was beautiful. Then the author said he looked at it as a act of worship. Which is also amazing because i think we have so many opportunities to worship what God has done with everything around us that we forget to acknowledge and love.

Just some thoughts. Hope everyone is doing fantastic.
Keep it real.

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