Tuesday, January 29, 2008

what we are......

I'm really starting to realize how much i value relationships and how we are very much relational people. It's weird that God created us that way because relationships are the single hardest thing to deal with in our lives, yet they also give us the most joy and happiness. That is quite beautiful when you think about it the thing we love the most also hurts the worst. This also correlates directly with our relationship with God. I know there are times in my life that i have literally cursed God, i can see Him tears streaming down His face wanting to reach out and save me but knowing that what He is doing is best for me. We are the bastard sons and daughters for sure. But i think if we could be genuine in our relationships we would have such a better world to live in. I guess recently I've begun to see how much i base my life around the relationships i have and I've also felt how painful they can truly be. But thankfully God does it all with a reason and I'm learning to trust him more in that. I leave you with a verse

Proverbs 14:13
even in laughter the heart may ache
and the end of joy may be grief

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