Saturday, February 2, 2008

growing up...........

Tonight i had a long conversation with my good friend Natalie. I love the crap out of that girl but we covered so much ground that i just wanted to highlight some things not really in any kind of order.

One thing that we discussed was how to really honestly show people Christ. We are so screwed up with how we go about this. Here's a story for ya i went to a concert a few weeks ago and afterwards a man in passing handed me a gospel tract and said "you're going to need this". I wanted to smack the guy and say "your the reason people hate us". Sorry if your reading this and believe this is a great way of witnessing. I respectfully disagree. I think if we just honestly treated people, with love and respect that they would decide for themselves what they need. It's pretty obvious when God reveals himself to you that you do need Him. Love people, they will wonder why you do it. It's that rare in our culture these days.

The subject of growing up also came up. I used to think growing up was a gradual process that is a lie. We remain kids until we decide to become who we're meant to be. Growing up is sort of like jumping out of a airplane without a parachute and trusting you'll end up were you'll be. I was a kid up until two months ago, now I've accepted the responsibilities I have been given. I have to help people, its all i can think about, it's all i want to do for the rest of my life. This is growing up, this is being the person you will be.

We talked about how the simplest little things in the world, can have the greatest effect on us. It doesn't have to be much a hug, a kind word, a smile. They change us, i swear it really is the smallest things that can open our eyes wide to the world.

Then tackling the big one. The idea of no god in people. She talked about the big bang theory. How much lines up in it. There are still holes though, just like there are still holes in Christianity. We talked about how it ultimately comes down to faith but i do want to point out one thing Evolution, Big Bang all of them can't give you the peace. love, and feeling you get in God. Trust me I've now been on both sides of the card. There is a absolute loneliness in a world without God, thankfully we don't have to imagine the world.

That is all, make your lives wonderful, all of you.

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