Saturday, February 16, 2008

sometimes i hit hard places.....

today i arrived at one today. I felt disgusted with what i was what i was doing in my life.

I believe God places people in your life to make you see things you previously would have never noticed. Pastor Rob of Apex was that person tonight. I really do like Apex alot, i feel comfortable there, like i can let down walls. That's a good thing by the way so most churches should take notes. His message tonight was about how were supposed to help each other when we screw up. It was exactly what i needed to hear, i feel like the one that screwed up right now. He said one thing that kind of made me tear up a bit. He said "when are we going to stop trying to make ourselves look so unbroken, when all God wants is us to be broken for Him". He said you may completely ruin your life but God can restore and use you to do great things. I believe through God i will someday be able to do great things for Him. But i still have alot of growing up to do to get there.

Pastor Rob used the passage of Jesus talking to peter and asking him three times if he loved him.Then Jesus would say then love my sheep. Rob said that Jesus was laying out the purpose of life right there. Love God, Love People. That's all i want to do, I'm just so helpless here and only through God can i do anything. I'm buying into that more and more these days. That's also a good thing.

I decided today I'm going to write a story about something I'm sure will be obscure.

Peace all, love you.

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