Monday, October 6, 2008


Why do we lose sight of what we need the most so often? I don't understand why I'm such a fool to claim to be so in love yet to cheat on my love. I am a simple man a man that is often tested by the things around me. I bow to my youthful lust, to my own idealism about this life. I doubt my decisions and discredit my own fate. I fear a future filled with failure and pointless actions. I have a love but i find myself astray more often then not. I have friends but refuse to accept their love because my heart believes I deserve a life of solitude. I miss someone I've never met, a place I've never been is where I'd like to call my home. I find myself more and more displaced where I am and wish for a escape from the blessings I've been given. I find myself staring into space because I miss the fresh air of poverty stricken streets and disease filled homes.

I am a fake.
A whore.
A man that has lost his way.
A lonely soul.
A ship without guide.
I have been unfaithful to my love.

But my Jesus has been faithful to me.
So I say now.
Grace make your way to the well.

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