Thursday, September 25, 2008

can't slow down.............

We'll folks here it the first song/lyric from the most complete collection of writings of my life. This is still a rough version so it could change drastically but the general idea is there. So the story behind the lyric is basically my complacency in the world at this point in my life and a reflection on what I've already done. I'm restless therefore i can't slow down but at the same time I'm very much wanting to find something solid to grasp. Fortunately God has me covered as i grasp tightly to Him.

-Can’t Slow Down-

I fell in love at 15/Never felt the same/Just chased an old flame/That never quite burnt out/It was me and it was her/But now it just seems like a blur

Sometimes I wish I knew where I was going/Maybe have someone to call home too/But I know things are good/And I know I have a Father that loves me/So I guess I’ll just keep moving/Cause God knows I can’t slow down/No, I can’t slow down now

20 years on the road/To many places I’ve called home/Watched the sun set on the Pacific/Then watched it dance on the Atlantic/Never thought I’d love again/But then I found something new in Severin

I’ve seen so much/In so little time/And yet I still feel like/There’s so much left to learn/So God give me grace/To go on/Cause I can't slow down now

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