Friday, September 12, 2008

gasoline and vaccines........

If I'm a one trick pony
then it's one heck of a trick
because all i can remember
is that I forgot your name
when I tried to forge my own way
it's so hard to be honest
when your born from a lie
so don't give me pity
just give me a city
to burn down

everybody get your guns
will make ends meat tonight
by slaughtering our insides
no one cares when there's nothing at stake
so dance your last dance
we've got nothing left to lose

I threw up at the drop of the hat
You say "I'm worth more than that"
but I'm not too sure
when my life is just a blur
I'm drinking my life away
and I don't even need
alcohol to kill me
I'll do it myself
by the choices I make

I've been playing with gasoline
to find some kind of vaccine
for the love that we left behind
They wont forget us when were gone
because we'll be the ghost in their dreams

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