Sunday, September 21, 2008

tilt your glasses steep........

Then drain them if your like me

I don't get life. It just is so confusing. I feel stronger some days than others and then there are days where I stare into space and ask myself "why". There are days I love God, then there are days I feel as if He is my enemy. Now don't freak out and say oh no "he's lost his faith". That's not it at all, trust me I believe in God more now than ever, in fact his realness has been impressed upon me so hard that it kills me every time that I look in the mirror and know that I haven't really served Him the way I should. The truth is I'm a mess but I really am starting to think we are all just messes that are some how held together by something. I don't know this is just random crap I suppose. I feel as if there is a bigger issue at hand here that i am missing though. Pray for me and my screwed up self. I'm fighting some of my biggest battles right now. Home is coming along, I feel a purity in these writings that I've never tapped into before.

P.S. listen the farewell flight

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