Monday, September 8, 2008


The word encompasses so much in our lives. We have our "hometowns" and our places we feel at "home". Yet at this point in my life I have no home, not at school, not at my parents house, not anywhere. So this has pushed me to think about what home really is, whether it really exist in our lives. This is my time in life to find answers and to be honest it scares to realize that I no longer feel at home anywhere but then one of my professors challenged me with something he said "Since when did God call you to be comfortable". That's when I realized I will know no home until I reach that other shore and kiss Jesus' feet. There is no home here.

"Home" is what I have titled my new collections of writings. I'm hoping to start unveiling those over the coarse of the next few months.

Keep the peace.
Keep the love.
Fight for the faith.

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