Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How to see God.....

So I'm starting to see God. I'm starting to realize how much God is with me and how He is a part of everything. I sat tonight in a room surrounded by friends and listened to music that i though i would like and didn't end up liking. But it was strange as i sat there laughing with these friends, i felt God there just sitting beside me saying "see how happy i can make you when you let me". I just smiled and whispered "thank you" under my breath.

I'm starting to want to feel that more, see God in the simple things in life. The way a friend smiles, the way we put ourselves in awkward situations, the way the sun shines and the wind blows. the way i feel with my windows down with my stereo cranked loud, the way i feel about my friends, the way i silently ask God to never let moments end.

I just feel Him everywhere, its a nice way to live you should try it sometime. That said Josh Bale is a tool and nothing but a sappy love song writer. Yet even though i didn't like the music, i saw God in him too. Plus i got to write a love song for the people not in love. Its sweet I'll post it later.

Love You.

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