Sunday, April 20, 2008

to be broken...........

the past few weeks or so have tugged at my heart in so many ways. I felt like God was paying no attention to my desire to know Him better to grow and be broken. Then something got triggered last night that just made me feel this immense presence of God on my life. Like He was saying "ready when you are". I'm staring to see that God is my best friend in life. He's with me when i make a fool out of myself and when i put my pride in front of Him(way to often on this one). I mean its nice to have a friend that stays literally right by your side. I really feel like he's saying I'm going to teach you to be a a man of God.

I read today in Acts about Phillip and the eunuch. How Phillip kind of came along side of the man and he was trying to figure out a passage of scripture. It simply says Phillip came alongside him and "told him the good news of Jesus". I thought that was so simple but cool at the same time. It makes me want to hit the streets and start spreading the word. I'm still learning how to approach witnessing with out coming of as insincere, dumb, or forceful. It's a delicate balance that I'm learning.

Anyway, keep the faith in both the moments you feel like God is not there and when He does feel near. He is near.

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