Thursday, April 3, 2008


So I'm writing a paper on cutting right now. Its been very hard for me to write because i had friends who did it in high school. I literally get sick in my stomach whenever i start to think about it. I always just want to hold every single person that deals with this problem. It's really things like cutting that tell me more than anything that Jesus is the answer to every one's problems. He is the only one that can truly heal the scars on these people, by pulling them close and telling them it'll be ok. For information on the stories of these people check out To Write Love On Her Arms. Its a great organization that I hold dear to my heart because they care and believe in loving people.

Here are some words that i found quite beautiful from mewithoutyou tonight. It just really describes our desperate need for God and the little purpose we have outside of him.

On a bus ride into town, I wondered out loud, "Why am I going to town?"
As I looked around at the billboards and the stores I thought, "Why do I look around?"
And I kissed the filthy ground...the first dry spot I found...
I didn't have to wonder why I was laying down.

Before long I was too cold...took a bus back to the station,
I found a letter left by a pay phone with no return contact
And it read like a horn blown by some sad angel,
"Bunny, it was was me who let you down"
It was the shyest attempt I'd ever seen at conversation.

But if I didn't have You as my guide, I'd still wander lost in Sinai,
Counting the plates of cars from out-of-state,
How I could jump in their path as they hurry along!
And You surround me, You're pretty but You're all I can see
Like a thick fog...
If there was no way into God,
I would never have laid in this grave of a body for so long.

And St. Cyril's fair always came through the first week of September
But it's already the 19th...and there's no sign of it...
Yet I have a hard time remembering all the things I should remember
And a hard time forgetting all the things that I was supposed to forget.
And, Christ, when You're ready to come back,
Then I think I'm ready for You to come back;
But if You want to stay wherever exactly it is You are,
That's okay,'s, it's really none of my business.

And if I didn't have You as my guide, I'd still wander lost in Sinai
Or down by the tracks watching trains go by
To remind me: there are places that aren't here.
And I had a well but all the water left,
So I'll go ask Your forgiveness with every breath,
And if there was no way into God,
I would never have laid in this grave of a long, dear.

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