Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So I'm writing something...........

not sure exactly yet what it is. Something like a non fiction piece. Just covering life at 22 years old. Here's a rough introduction I worked out.

Their are times in all our lives that we find ourselves a little desperate. We could say we are in desperate need of some affection or in desperate need in a change of pace or maybe its something else that we are desperate for. We’re are all quite mad when we get desperate, honestly we do crazy things. Some of us get angry and punch walls, some plan trips on a whim, some of us drink until we are gone, and some of us find ourselves in the bed of someone we never thought we’d wake up too. This is how we react because we are human and it happens.  
This story is written out of a time in desperation. Desperation brought about by change in the world around me. You see the life I know is ending and something I’m not quite sure of is beginning. Adulthood is a mystery I may never quite unravel but I’m certainly giving myself the best shot at it I’ve got. I’m sitting here watching a summer rain storm and If you’ve ever watched a summer rain storm in the midwest then you know its very similar to my story as of right now. It comes in with a fury and washes the old away to grow something new. It may take a while but it will grow. 
I think this could take a while. 

Thoughts? Like it? Hate it? 

In other news, I finally have some form of income in the way of a barista job. Thats pretty friggin awesome. I'm so fascinated by coffee so I'm eager to learn about it. Hope all is well! 

Peace and love. Stay wild. 

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The Dreamer said...

So I think we should become business partners. You should open a coffee shop entitles "Hebrews" and by the time its up and running, I'll have my MA in Counseling and I can hold Counseling sessions for customers in the back.....what do you think????

I LOVE the 2nd paragraph! :)