Sunday, June 5, 2011

Everything is preparation......

I'm not the smartest man alive. In fact I'm pretty sure I'm somewhere near the bottom of the percentile but as I've trudged myself through life I like to think I stumble across little nuggets of knowledge that are worth sharing. I like these moments because I feel as if I gain something out of my day thats valuable and doesn't just add to the noise of the world around me. All this to say that this journey is all preparation. Thats right I'm convinced that this is orchestrated,  in a very strategic manner by our creator.

Think of it as this, you're life sucks because of (fill in the blank) and I totally agree your life sucks. Been there thought that, despite the fact that if we have food in front of us we are pretty damn lucky, still life situations cause much pain and heartache no doubt. However I'm maybe starting to acknowledge the greater purpose in all this pain and heartache.

Maybe we are learning, hurting to become better.

I think maybe my failures in life have taught me quite a few things about humanity. Maybe the God of the universe cares so much about us getting better that he allows us to go through ish that none of us like at all and yet when its finished we look at something good in our life and say I could have never done this right without doing that wrong.

We learn, we toil, we fall apart. Then we grow, we teach, and we gain what we worked hard for. Their is nothing wrong with scraping your knee as long as you learn to ride the bike. I'm learning.........look God no hands :)

Thanks for reading and praying. Stay wild. 


The Dreamer said...

Amen my friend!

The Dreamer said...

So I know I'm becoming like a proud mother interacting with a son by posting a ton of times on the same entry (or whatever you call it). BUT I don't care. ;) Just want to say that I am SO proud to be your friend and to see the workings of God in you. Thanks for letting be a small part of a big story.