Monday, March 22, 2010

its never easy.........

it seems. Crazy how busy life can be with school work, big productions, and leadership responsibilities. In the midst of that I try to put God aside to handle things myself and then I lose balance.

Anyway a friend of mine recently told me organized religion is the downfall of humanity. I thought that was really interesting cause I've heard that stated by different people but never anyone I've actually known.

I'm gonna take a second to unpack that statement. I think first of all he has a point, even if he just said in an uneducated manner. If you look at the church its a crap hole that has so many problems and fighting amongst itself that it actually damages those things that surround it. Including the very people that it is often attempting to help. So the question remains is this our downfall? I don't think so completely. Our downfall is us and the maddening people that we are. We all contribute to the problem in our own way.

For instance I'm often a liar, a terrible demonstrator of love to individuals, and an overall unreliable person. In a word I often do very little to help the small problems that pop up in the daily lives of the people that we move among every single day.

So I'm the downfall. Were all the downfall because we've all fallen.

Now isn't it interesting that the only solution that I've found to this problem is through a savior named Jesus that often gets attached to organized religions. He loves as we should and then we shall understand what we must do to help correct this place.

Some thoughts to swallow and digest.
Love and peace for all you do.

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