Monday, February 23, 2009

i'll never be a saint.............

and for the first time I think I'm alright with that. Over the past few weeks I've felt God really trying to impose this idea upon me that he understands. He gets it, He knows that sin is a part of me the same as the heart beating within. He understands that never ever will i be anything but simply put a sinner but............that's exactly why he loves me because I fall so short. He doesn't like my sin but he loves that I admit that its there that I accept that its there and that I want to piece by piece remove the things that are there. I'll never be clean but somehow that's why He remains to show me that someday I'll join Him and I'll be bloody as hell but I'll still be there because He loved me where I was. Doesn't that just make the story of Jesus so much more powerful when you think that He loves us where we are, where we where, and where were going. No change needed just belief. If more people heard this we wouldn't have so many people that hate Christians. And for any of those that happen to read this and hate Christians than I want you to know as a Christian I understand I hate what we've made it as well.

That is all tonight I suppose.

To whomever may read this, God loves you just the way you are.
Don't ever forget that no matter what road you travel in life.

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