Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the heart of life............

is good.

I need reminding of this every now and then. Recently I've been trying to clean myself in the midst of a lot of heartache and questions. My mom was recently diagnosed with cancer and my Dad is drawing closer and closer to losing his job. Good news is my mom so far is looking good as far as severity of cancer and my Dad is in the midst of a hardcore interview with a new company. Lord willing everything will work out for that and if it doesn't I'm realizing suffering is more a tool to teach than punishment. We live in a dirty, screwed up world and I can't change that accept to plead for God's return. And now for the honesty part.

I have come to a fork in my path in life. I have hidden a sin that I cannot anymore and now have pleaded and confessed it to God. For most my life the struggle with lust has been the end all be all sin and now hopefully I can start to climb back towards the light again outside of that.

Thanks for listening.

Don't lose yourself in the waves.


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