Monday, January 26, 2009

The house of God forever............

Little bit of stuff. I'm a piece of crap and I'm still loved. I wear a mask but He sees right through me. I let anxiety dominate my life and He holds me together.

I honestly don't understand this redemption story. I don't get how I play some pivotal role in this narrative. I don't understand why i think the way I do. Why I see people the way I do. Why I live where I do. Why I have the loved ones I do. Why I'm in this scholastic atmosphere I feel has no connection with me and I'm somehow succeeding.

I feel like fighting. I feel like crying. I feel like praising. I feel like cursing. I feel like loving. I feel like lying. I feel like staying. I feel like leaving. I feel like living. I feel like dying.

I have so many questions in my life and yet they all feel so small when compared to the knowledge that I'll live in the house of God, forever.

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