Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A few tunes that are meaning a lot recently......

"You're Beautiful" - Phil Wickham

This song for me is unusual because its by Phil Wickham which is sort of girly but I think this song has some wonderful imagery about the beauty of God in the world around us. I love the wedding bells line to, so very hopeful! 

"Untitled"- My Epic

I think this band essentially gets it. I think this song is a wonderful look at that majesty of Christ the man that came and walked the earth in flesh like ours, so our flesh could not control us anymore. Wonderful imagery again used. 

"Dirty and Left Out" - The Almost

This song is extremely personal to me. I remember the first time I heard it, I just sat motionless and prayed with tears in my eyes. I think its honest and intensely human.

"How he loves" John Mark Mcmillian 

Instead of linking to this song this is a video of John talking about the story behind this song. He's a man thats truly in love with a Jesus some of us never get to see. 

Aarons Story

This is a video with Aaron just talking about his life, struggles and perseverance in Christ. Good stuff.

I hope these video and songs bring you joy and hope as they do me. Worship is something so precious so please allow these to help you in that act. 

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