Saturday, July 31, 2010

life is a classroom.........

and we all learn a little bit about ourselves every single day. I think its very cool when God allows people into our lives that teach us that we still have a lot to learn and accept about ourselves. I'm one of those people that is extremely prideful in the fact that I'm often viewed as "humble". It's like some strange disease that takes a hold of my mind and makes it puff up. I think it might just be called growing up this process that I'm going through but I think that I like the fact that God never lets me stop growing up. I remember years ago probably in my early teens thinking that at this point in my life I'd have everything figured out and just be like complete or something......needless to say I was wrong. I think now I realize that I will continue to learn as I continue in my life and that just gives me an excitement about the future. I think its incredible to think of how happy I am right now and to think that as I grow i can find even more joy in the Lord. God has been a truly lovely presence in my life. I can't thank Him enough. Its also good to know that everyone has this opportunity in their lives.

Much love and Peace to all.

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