Tuesday, April 13, 2010

strange and unprepared......

I'm good at very little. I like to think that somehow I've been a decent friend in this lifetime. I definitely don't give anywhere near the time that I should to my relationships and maybe someday I'll learn to be a better steward of my time in that regard but for now I limp through them. With hope and regards for the future. I love my friends though and don't ever think that I don't feel the burden and the weight of the blessing that have been handed to me.

Today I had to for the very first time contemplate the reality of leaving this reality behind for something more in this life. Here's the truth for sometime I've been thinking of moving out west, more specifically to the pacific northwest. Portland has been calling my name for sometime now. Why Portland? I think I need a break from the traditional values of the Midwest and some artistic new perspective that I can breathe in. Leaving my friends though, that's the hard part. Its hard when you think "well I have everything here...family, friends, opportunities". Yet I want a second chance on a place to live, breathe, and grow, Ireland was in some strange way step 1 wherever end up is step 2.

Maybe I'll change my mind a year from now, maybe I won't but I will definitely be something new and different because of both my maker and the love I will give/find.

Much peace and love.

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