Monday, April 19, 2010

Act One.............

When we're born we open our eyes to a world we've never seen and don't understand. There is a since of wonder in the eyes of children. A impending sense of discovery that pursues them around every bend and every change. Somewhere in my life I lost that, I lost the sense of narrative in my own life. I lost the fact that I do have a my part to play in a grand narrative that I do not author.

This week I came to the realization that life is a frail thing. It comes and goes as swiftly as it enters. We are born in 9 months, we can leave in a second. I don't understand death, it's like some dark monster that hides out in a closet ready to steal our body from this earth. It ravages families, breaks hearts, and leaves us asking the tougher questions.

We are born, we breath, we die.
3 acts.
We all get them but most of us never even use them. Today I realized for the past 21 years I have not used them, or in the very least used them unwisely. I often catch myself putting off things in my life whether it be changes, schoolwork, or relationships because I simply feel it can be done tomorrow. I now realize that today and only today is when it should be done. Risk must be taken, pains must be felt, lessons must be learned, and forgiveness must be given. I am nothing, no one special and if I ever start to feel as if I am then I want God to slap me across the face.

Today I want to live a story, that I can look back on and say there was a sense of wonder in all that I did but also death had no type of role in the story it was nearly an end that leads to a sequel (and this one will be better than the first!)

with much love and peace I present to you

Act 1: New Life

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