Monday, August 25, 2008

America will break your heart............

So I have these spells in my American lifestyle that I can't help but become very disenchanted with what I see, feel, or find myself focusing on. Honestly i get sick in my stomach about that crap. I know I am blessed and cursed at the same time here in America. Blessed in the sense that i have so many blessings as far as friends and family. Not to mention an amazing church body to worship with. I am cursed because i am spoiled with possessions when many need food, selfishness blinds me to the problems in the rest of the world. It's very hard to live with this burden on my back, this constant feeling that i need to be somewhere else. That i'm displaced away from the home I know. It's hard to accept that the place where God wants me is to finish my education here at Cedarville and afterward I get to be unleashed into the world to do my part. Prayer is the biggest thing I need more than anything. I miss Romania like crazy, I want to go back tomorrow but unfotunetly thats not really an option. I would love to just get away to satisfy these burdens but I simply can't at this point again pray for me.

any way this is a toast to America a place that will surely break your heart.
Peace and Love.
Go do something to help someone.

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