Monday, September 17, 2007

the beginning.......

so im finally giving into the blogging nation.....this is going to be sort of a journal/music/thoughts/and anything else i feel post worthy.

So topic of the day, I wrote something recently i'd like to share:

Were gaining speed now/tumbling over pages that we read/always a story/always a way/to burn your enemy/always a place/always a time/I've got a figure/stirring in my mind/i've got an answer/ falling so short

cause when i die/ ill have a tourch in hand/ill have a reason to live/and something to die for/ cause im not worthless/My God, im not your enemy anymore

you've got it so wrong/but it feels so right/and i cant stand up to that/what is this fix that you seek/ill give you a drug/to tie your love too/before we get it/we shall surely pass away

straighten your eyesight/keep your burdens/on your shoulders/there yours to bear alone

and in the mist of all of this/i ask myself/what is love/the echo comes screaming back/this is not your end

"this song was written about how i try to put my struggles on myself and my blame on God when i fail, its a fine line to walk but someday ill be better at it than i am now and that is where this song is resolved with the hope of changing"

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