Wednesday, March 21, 2012

God had his hands on me..........

The other night I took it upon myself to go out for a evening run through town. As I was running I was listening to a new EP I had acquired from a band called Least of These. I have a soft spot for bands that I feel like tell it like it is. Just honest to god lyrics about the dirtiness of creation. As I was listening to the record I found myself really enjoying the jams put forth. Then the album got to a last little instrumental part and I was struck by how beautiful the track was and then how even more beautiful the final track was. I found myself surrounded by the love of God in glow of a street light, choking back tears of thankfulness.

I think I forget and maybe we all forget just how unbelievable a payment Christ made for his men who were truly filthy creatures in everyones sight but his own. God has done it all for creatures that were not worthy to even be at his feet.......and yet here we are. I'm blown away for Gods heart for us.

Thank you Jesus.

Every line in this song pulls at me.

"Filthy Man" by Least of These 

Filthy man was I who took his walk in stride
Clearly it would take more effort than I had thought
Brought out from the darkest place, and put into the light
God had His hands on me all the time
God had His hands on me all the time

Stubborn man was I who pushed His hands aside
I don't need Your grace I can do this on my own

What a lost man was I, stuck in my own ways
What a lost man was I stuck in my
What a lost man was I who was stuck in my own ways 
But I understand the cross, and what its done

Filthy man was I
Stubborn man was I

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Strong words