Monday, May 5, 2008

all creation cries.............

i feel like I've been neglecting the old blog lately. It's not that alot hasn't been going on it's just I've been very busy. I 'm back home now and enjoying my free time i suddenly have way to much of but its been great so far.

I've started reading the irresistible revolution this week and so far its been really great. I don't know why its caused such a fuss, so far all of his theology seems tame but exactly what we as Christians need to hear. having met Shane Claiborne has helped me like the book more to because he was such a servant of the Lord that night i went to hear him speak.

Tonight i drove out to see the stars again. I love getting alone time with God out there to pray, worship, and listen. As i was sitting there tonight i just took in the sounds around me, I read somewhere once that if you listen hard enough that you can hear the rocks cry out that Jesus is Lord. So i listened tonight, I didn't hear rocks crying but I started listening to all the animals and i realized we have no idea what they are saying and then i thought what if all they know how to do is praise God. I mean like that's all they ever do when they speak, i honestly wouldn't be surprised. I read that the fact that birds are alive is a miracle in of itself because every morning somehow they find enough worms to survive. They don't worry about where it will come from they just know God will provide. Quite beautiful to think about.

I start back at work this week. I want to make an impact this year.
Peace, Love, Faith.

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